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Ebiere Hamo  is a sensational gosple singer, Jesus lover, a recording and a performing artiste who based in Bayelsa state , Nigeria. She was born in the early 60’s. She is blessed with two lovely and charming biological sons and many spiritual sons and daughters.

The song Izibe Alua is a contemporary praise that God gave me by special inspiration.



Solo 1:You’ve proven Lord how much you care for me

My life is nothing without you

You’re my king

You ‘re My all in all

Izibe Alua (God thank you)

Alua oh oh Alua (Thank you, Thank you )

I’ve found comfort in you oh my God

What would I have done without you

You’ve shown me so much love I can not tell it all oh oh

Izibe Alua (God thank you)


Izibe Alua oh oh oh (God than you)

Izibe Alua (God thank you)

Izibe Alua oh oh oh  (God thank you)

Izibe Alua(God thank you )

Alua oh Alua oh Izibe mme (Thank you, Thank you my God )

Izibe Alua  (God thank you)

Alua oh oh Alua (Thank you, Thank you)

Solo 2:You are so so good to me ,down from my heart I give you thanks

You’ve done so much to me I will give you all the praise

Izibe Alua (God thank you)

Alua oh oh (Thank you)

Alua (Thank you)

You are so so good to me ,down from my heart I give you thanks

What a mighty God You are

What a faithful God You are

Alua Alua Izibe Alua (Thank you, Thank you , God thank you)

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Repeat chorus

Bridge: Oh Izibe (3×)

(Oh God)

Oh Izibe ,Izibe Alua (Oh God , God Thank you ) (6×)

Repeat till fade

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