#BBNaija: “Miracle is my best friend” – Nina

#BBNaija: “Miracle is my best friend, nothing will happen with us after the house” – Nina

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It was in response that the fair skinned beauty revealed that what she and Miracle have now will not leave the big brother house as she has no intention of keeping a relationship with him outside the house.

I wooed my wife quickly simply because my friend also liked her — Righteousman

Miracle was not there at the time when she made this declaration… She can be heard saying,

“I and Miracle, we never planned to date, never”

I would feel – if my boyfriend isn’t waiting for me – I would feel bad. Trust me, I’d fight for the relationship, but then if he still doesn’t want it, then probably I’ll just stay single for sometime. I’ll feel bad really”

Then she was asked what’s up with her and Miracle… that was when she declared,

“Miracle and I, we can’t date, we just can’t date… we’ll just not be the way we are, we can’t be in a relationship

… confronting her about this, Ebuka asked her to confirm what she said and this time, in the presence of Miracle.

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For a moment, the fair skinned beauty was lost for words, before she then went on to say on Live TV that Miracle is just her “best friend” – a real wawu!

She confuses viewers when she said, “Miracle is her everything” and her boyfriend outside the house, is “her boyfriend”.

When asked about Nina’s shocking declaration, Miracle seemed to not be unnerved as according to him, nothing changes.

He says he still has feeling for Nina and if probably they continue to hit things off outside the house, it’s cool by him but if not, it doesn’t change anything.

What do you think of this interesting love saga?! Some people already feel Miracle has been friend-zoned… do you think so too?

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