Blog Tips: Learning to Blog Made Simple

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Learning to Blog Made Simple


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Many of us have been on Social Media for quite awhile. Seeing posts with lots of Likes, Shares and Follows.


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Being involved is your first attempt at “micro-blogging”. It’s exciting and some get visions of becoming a Social Media Influencer or Full-Time Blogger. With hopes of someday gaining a huge audience and maybe monetizing your work to earn hundreds or maybe thousands per month, like all these online “guru’s” claim to be doing…


Well, as a Blogger, today I decided to share some of my experiences with you.

First, I was one of those Facebook and Twitter people. I can do this. I did my research. I selected 6 Topics to Blog about.

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I selected Niche Topics I knew something about. I could Teach my audience what I know and Builda following.


The following is the Best Advice I can give to Start your Blog

1. Select a Platform: I made the mistake of purchasing pre-built WordPress websites. Let me explain. You can go on WordPress right now and select a Free website to build yourself. I made the mistake of selecting one that another developer pre-loaded with some articles already. Big mistake – as those articles aren’t original (many people bought the same template), and don’t get ranked on Google. But it was good training ground for me, as the developer provided good training material along with it, so it wasn’t a total loss. But for a period – my sites were known as Scraper sites and didn’t earn very much from Advertising or were straight out Refused from certain Programs.

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2. Select a Great Host: My day today triggered my writing of this article. You see, the more time you spend on technical issues with your websites, the less time you have to find inspiration, write, recommend, socialize and do what you do best. Suddenly you are a technician, developer, researcher, publisher, graphic designer and so on. Let me explain. My first year, I spent with said developer. It was an an inclusive web hosting package. Great for the first year while dabbling and learning. Suddenly my sites “are too big” to continue to be hosted by them. I think I may have published 30 articles across all 6 web blogs I owned. OK, time to move on. I tried 2 or 3 of PC Magazines Best Recommended Web Hosting Sites to no avail. Suddenly a package that is “Unlimited” is no longer “Unlimited”. You see, its not like a phone or text plan.

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Suddenly you have Database Size, Inode Size, MySQL, Broadband Usage, Traffic Usage and so on. So, if your are after a simple Hosting Solution for WordPress. Things aren’t so simple. Yes, you can go for a Managed WordPress Hosting Plan and pay more if you don’t want to learn what to do. And that is what I recommend. But if you are on a Start Up Budget, you (like me) have to do it all yourself.

The WORST: TMD Hosting – They will Accept your payment, promise you the World, not Deliver, UpSell you from one Plan to Another and never provide you with an answer to your real Technical Issue NOR provide you with any of their PROMISED Money Back Refunds. You’ll be up 30% of the time & loose face with Google. SCAM ALERT!

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The BEST?: SiteGround. They will Migrate your Account over for you. They will set you off in working order. They will immediately alert you when your sites reach limit or have error messages. They will actually LOOK at your Files and advise you of what needs to be done. You have the opportunity of a grace period to fix it yourself or hire them for very reasonable rate to do it for you. They become your Developer. And they know what they are doing! They have very affordable plans, click to view. They respond quickly 24/7 and my sites are loading faster than ever. I can’t praise them enough.

3. Focus on Content: Do not sign up right away for Google Adsense (they won’t take you anyway). Don’t bother with Amazon Associates (They wont pay you even if you have clicks). Definately don’t sign up for Prosociate (It will only clog your site with Images of Inventory you cant sell).


For now, that is the Best 3 Top Pieces of Advice I can give you. For the first year, anticipate your time spent as a learning curve. Don’t quit your day job! Once you learn the lingo (ie: Plugins, Cache, Optimize, SEO, SMM, 404, 500, etc) then you will Gain Organic Traffic and subsequently be reimbursed through Advertisements and Loyal Customers Purchasing your Products or through your Affiliate links.

If you appreciate this Article and are interested in learning more from me on my Journey, let me know below, on Twitter or Subscribe to my Newsletter.Let me know what advice to write about next and I will oblige. This industry is all about learning from one another and growing together.

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