Chika Ike Biography; Early Life, Career, Is She Married?

Chika Ike Biography; Early Life, Career, Is She Married?

December 9, 2021 0 By Lasu Plug

Chikadebia Nancy Ike better-known as Chika Ike is a well-known Nigerian Nollywood actress, author, filmmaker, TV Host, entrepreneur, executive producer, and a philanthropist. 

In today’s article, I will share with you one of your favorite Nigerian celebrities – Chika Ike – biography. Like, her early life, career, movies, awards and more.

I know you are probably worried I didn’t include her marital status in my list. Well, you need not worry because we at Essenceloaded understand your needs that’s why “…and more” was included.

Interesting stuff, right, we know. Scroll a bit. Then a little bit more and again. All you need to know about your favorite is herein.

Chika Ike Biography.
Chika Ike Biography.

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Chika Ike Early Life 

Chika Ike was born to the beautiful family of Mr. and Mrs. Ike in the 80’s. She was born precisely on 8th November, 1985 in Onitsha, Anambra State. Anambra State is a state in the South Eastern part of Nigeria.

Chika had her elementary and secondary education at Anambra State. Therein, she obtained both her First School Leaving Certificate and West African Senior Certificate results.

For her university education, Chika had a 2-year Diploma program at the prestigious University of Lagos (UniLag) in Human Kinetics and Health Education. She started in 2004 and completed the program in 2006.

Having obtained a Diploma in Human Kinetics and Health Education from the prestigious University of Lagos. Chika proceeded to obtain a Degree in the same field and the same university.

In 2014, Chika Ike went further to study Film-making. She studied and bagged a Degree in Film-making from the prestigious New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, California.

Later, Chika studied and bagged a Degree from Harvard Business School.


Unofficially, Chika Ike started from a younger age. She was just six years old when she started featuring in church drama and plays.

At 16, Chika completed her secondary education and ventured into modeling.

Officially, her career started in 2005 when she joined the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood). “Bless the Child, and Chikere’s Sweet Love” were her first movie roles.

Shortly after joining the movie industry, Chika rose to prominence. This, of course, is linked to her style of acting – how she explained movie roles.

Notably, Chika established Chika Ike Production – a production company established and maintained by her. “Miss Teacher” was the first movie to be produced under this production company.

Again, Chika founded the African Diba Reality TV Show – a reality show established and managed by her as well.

In 2011, Chika established Help a Child Foundation – a Non-governmental Organization aimed at helping the poor and deprived; thus giving them hope and giving back to society.

That same year, she launched “Nancy Fancy” – a fashion line she established in Abuja, Nigeria.

Chika Ike all euphoria.
Chika Ike all euphoria.


Chika Ike has featured in over 200 movies since she first featured in her first movie. These are some of her movies;

° Royal Honour

° Eyes of the Nun

° Dangerous Beauty

° Street President

° Desire

° White Chapel

° Breath of Love

° Emotional Blunder

° Sister Mary and Ossy

° Harvest of Love

° Jealous Princess

° Unstoppable

° Eagle Eyes

° Breach of Contract

° To Love a Stranger

° Before The Rain

° The Snake Boy

° The Seekers

° Disciples of the Anti-Christ

° Wife Without Husband

° My Princess

° The Missing King

Awards & Achievements 

Chika Ike has won many awards and hearts to herself. These among others includes;

° Humanitarian Celebrity of the year at La’ mode Magazine Green October Event (2016)

° Icon of Hope at the HOG Award (2013)

° Nollywood Fashion Icon of the Year at the Cynosure Magazine Nigerian Fashion Recognition Awards (2013)

° Best Actress at the Donven Club Awards (2011)

° Nominated at the African Movie Academy Awards as the Best Upcoming Actress (2008)

° African Heritage Awards for her Contributions to The Youth in Africa (2012)

° Most Disciplined Actress at the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Award (2013)

° ZAFFA Awards nominee for Best Actress (2016)

° Nominated at the City People Entertainment Awards for Best Supporting Actress (2009)

° Appointed as a United Nations Messenger of Peace by the United Nations Youth Ambassador for Peace (2011)

° Best Role Model in Africa at the African Youth Society Award (2009)

° Nominated at the ZAFFA Awards for Best Producer (2016)

° Nominee at the African Movie Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress (2009)

Is Chika Ike Married? 

Yes, please. Chika Ike was married but not anymore, unfortunately. She divorced her husband due to allegations linked to domestic violence in 2013.

What more? You learned one or two from Chika Ike’s story, yeah? Tell me about it with a comment box…