I was getting over him, I was doing everything I could to move on and accept the fact that GOD knows best. If I feel this bad and sad of Femi’s demise I wondered how the family would feel or his parents, so I made up my mind to move on until I started hearing some information which seems to be true.

Femi Oluwajobi who was a very bright, talented, hardworking, husband, father to a little baby and an unborn child was knocked down on the night of 31st of December, 2017 and he died on the 1st of January 2018,

the reporter made it known to us that “life was snuffed out of him by a careless driver who now blames it on brake failure, a driver who was allegedly drinking coedine while driving”




Femi was snatched away from his dream, his beautiful wife and children, he was snatched away from his parents, he was snatched away from his friends and colleagues. Femi entered the new year and couldn’t rejoice like he did on his birthday just 8days before then. Femi’s blood still remains as a stain on the road, Femi was buried untimely. All these would not bring Femi back so I decided it was best to move on until this ugly stories began to filter the air into my ears.
The alleged drunk driver who knocked Femi out of this life was granted bail of N100,000.\

I also heard that the Magistrate in charge of the case said “the driver didn’t go out with the intention to kill somebody” My GOD, my heart bleeds.
Is this all we are in this country?
I again pray by GOD that this information isn’t true but hey it seems to be true. The same we hoped Femi’s death was a joke.
Is the Oyo State Government aware of this?
Is it because Femi doesn’t have the connection to stand up to this case?
Is it because we have weak laws and people can work their ways around?

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How can I ever move on from this knowing fully well that if it was me that was knocked down, a 100k will end the matter, if it was you reading this that was knocked down, a common 100k that can’t meet basic needs will end the matter.
The story will be the other way round if he was the son of a high ranked official or politician, the story will be different because we are in a Country that favours only the rich, we are in a Country that someone who was over speeding and drunk at the same time can just walk away after killing a human like himself.


Is law legalize in this country? Youth let stand up and see through this matter This could happen to anyone and if this continue lot of things will be damage

I hope this message will be shared, noise will be made to make sure….

Indeed this is a Country.


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