Emergency Calls: 911 never seemed to work? Solution Below…

Emergency Calls: 911 never seemed to work? Solution Below…

Who do you call in an emergency?

People never used to bother much with basic things like health insurance, even. Until recent years, maybe. It’s probably why we rely so much on prayers to keep us safe. But in this day and age, it helps to know that there will be help coming when you call for it. Now all you need is an Emro app on your phone, then subscribe to the service and help can be on the way in minutes.

Do you remember growing up and wondering why dialing 911 never seemed to work? It only seemed to work in the movies we watched. Someone would be in danger, or have some emergency, and they’ll just dial 911 on their phone. Before you know it, help has arrived. It was never so here in Nigeria.

Emro is an app from Rescue Technologies which lets subscribers request for a medical ambulance or armed security service just by pressing the panic button within the app or dialing the emergency number, 0700 000 1190 or 1190 (coming soon).

If you’re somewhere far away from home, and you begin to notice some strange things or feel unsafe, wouldn’t it be great to be able to quietly press a panic button to alert armed security personnel to come to your rescue? Or if a family member had a sudden health concern, like a heart attack? Also, what if you could get notified ahead of time of possible danger zones and places that may pose a security threat before you even leave your house? That’s where the Emro App comes in handy.

The thing is, many people don’t really see the need to insure themselves. They think they will very likely never need help, until they do. If you have ever seen anyone whose car broke down in the middle of the road at night, you know that they never planned for their car to break down there. If they have no mechanic they can call to bring them a tow van, it’s going to be a very long night. It’s the same with every kind of emergency, whether it is medical, security, etc. Nobody knows when they will need help, until they do.

According to information on the Emro website, the services subscribers can request for include medical ambulances (for medical emergencies), and armed response (for security emergencies). There is also a safety notification feature that lets subscribers notify their emergency contacts of their location in the event of an emergency. The service extends to corporate events as well. Here are some of Emro’s clients:

• Lagos Polo Club tournaments

• Bridgewater Polo Club tournaments, Ibeju Lekki

• SAIL 2017 (South Africans in Lagos annual get together)

• Lagos Access Marathon 2018

• Volleyball Tournament 2017(Legacy Volleyball club)

• FitFam Festival 2017 (AXA Mansard)

• 5 For 5 Walk & Carnival (PWC)

• Cool FM Praise Jamz 2017

• Wazobia FM SOCA Carnival 2018

• Uber X Football Tournament (Uber Nigeria)

• Lakeshore Medical Fair 2018

• LBS Deans Club 2018

• ARM Run for the future 2018

• Run for Cure 2018

• Homecoming Nigeria 2018

The app also gives one access to value-added services like health and safety tips, and danger zone notifications. Emro made a short explainer video which you should check out to see the full range of services on offer.

The subscription plans are also very affordable. The subsidized monthly subscription plan for the medical emergency service is just N2,000, and for the security emergency and safety notification services, the monthly subscription plans are N1,000 and N200 respectively.

For more information about the Emro app, visit the official website. You can also follow its official Twitter,Facebook and Instagram pages where you will find many useful health and security tips in addition.

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