GET PAID, GET FREE FOOD ITEMS MONTHLY! (sponsored by Dangote, and Nestle foods).


(For only seriuos minded people, who are ready to earn extra income)


Happy World Meal Gate is a passionate and dynamic Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company of African extractions on a mission to bring smiles to people’s faces. We strongly believe hunger and malnutrition are a global threat and a monstrous emergency which must be tackled decisively and without delay.

This can only be fully achieved via the provision of food which is obviously a basic human right a

s enshrined in the United Nations (UN) human rights charter.


We are proffering a sustainable food/rewarding system which embraces civil servants, traders, artisans, pensioners, farmers, students and a wide array of low income earners and ensures that as soon as anyone registers on our portal and meet the requirements; they are rewarded,also generate much needed income and in the process drive their feeding expenses to the barest minimum.

This is part of our compensation plan aimed at ameliorating economic hardship especially in the silhouette of recent rising food prices, declining currency value and spiking inflation which is taking its toll on generality of the masses.

The only acceptable percentage for hunger is ZERO! Say NO TO HUNGER TODAY and get empowered economically and otherwise via HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE!

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Remember, happy and well fed people are productive people!


Happy World is all about putting food on your table free and put smile on the faces of your family.


.......Shhhhhhhh Relax, just take a few minutes to watch this video.


 Have you seen what I was saying ?

Benefits of Happy World Meal Gate

👉🏾One time registration without expiring date.

👉🏾Gives food for free: you receive more than enough food items for free in every stages you achieved.

👉🏾Team work: the system encourage every participants to support each other to move forward to the next level.

👉🏾It gives genuine traveling opportunity to Hajj or Jerusalem and reasonable traveling allowance. Also give you a bran new car for trip welcome back.

👉🏾Financial success and best nutritional support through supplying of enough food needed.

👉🏾Rewards for team builders and leadership.

👉🏾Gives the most simplest and achievable compensation plan to achieve a short term and long term goals.

👉🏾It gives opportunity to achieve Car awards with most achievable process and qualification.

👉🏾Help creating continuous Residual Income that gives financial freedom.

👉🏾Happy World Meal Gate simple plan easily eradicate hunger and poverty.

👉🏾It is a business for everyone…you can do it.


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Now lets get started

Happy world meal gate Organization


See how it work

At the point of registration with #6500 in farm stage,

You receive welcome package, of Milo 500g an tin tomato paste or 400g of milk ➕ tin tomatoes paste depending on what is available in the store.

This is you here

You need to introduced 6 people to register directly under your account

👤 👤
After introducing 6 people to register under you, you will earn the total of N10,880

this will be given to you in food items of your choice.
You automatically moved to stage 1.

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To complete the stage1 You need 14 people that complete farm stage under you to join you in stage 1
you received food items of N76,800 you collect what you want

👤 stage1

👤 👤
👤 👤 👤 👤
👥 👥 👥 👥




you Automatically moved to stage2

for you to complete stage 2, you need 14 people that complete stage 1 to come and meet you in stage 2.

👤 👤
👤 👤 👤 👤
👥 👥 👥 👥

you will earn the total of 184k, N110,400 will be credited to your bank account.
you will get food items of N73,000

in this same stage, you are entitled to get free food items Worth 30k for 7 month free of charge. 30,000 X 7 months =210,000

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you authomaticaly move to stage 3

To complete the stage3, you need 14 people that complete stage 2 under you to join you in stage 3.

👤 👤
👤 👤 👤 👤
👥 👥 👥 👥

You will received a brand new HYUNDAI car worth 4,400,000 or cash equivalent,
you will travel to Saudi Arabia or dubai or isreal with
traveling allowance of N1,000000


N504,000 will be credited to your bank account.
you will be given 336k Worth of food items of your choice


You authomaticaly move to stage 4.

To complete the stage 4,

you need 14 people that complete stage 3 under you to join you in stage 4.



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you received a brand new HYUNDAI jeep worth N6,000,000 or cash equivalent.
Food of 536k will be given to you.

60%cash of N868,800 will be credited to your account.


In this same stage 4
you are entitled to get free food items Worth N50, 000 for 12 months, that’s 1 year.
50,000 X 12 months =N600,000 worth of food items



👤 👤
👤 👤 👤 👤
👥 👥 👥 👥

you automatically move to stage 5

Stage 5, to complete the the stage 5 you need 14 people that complete stage 4 under you to join you in stage 5 at this final stage you live to earn N1,200,000 from every team member that join you” you’re also entitled to the unique private of profit sharing from the company payment 40% food 60%cash

stage 5
👤 👤
👤 👤 👤 👤
👥 👥 👥 👥

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this is how simple happy World meal Gate works. 🤜🤛🤝🤝


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……..see you there!!!

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