GOT Video: Secret about the Crypts of Winterfell explained 

 Secret about the Crypts of Winterfell explained 

The crypt’s ironwood door, which is located in the oldest section of Winterfell near the First Keep and the lichyard is old and heavy. The chilly and dark crypt is accessible by narrow and winding spiral stone steps which lead to multiple levels. One floor contains a long line of granite pillars, two by two, between which are entombed the dead of House Stark. It has a vaulted ceiling

While all family members can have tombs in the crypts, statues are traditionally only made for Kings in the North and Lords of Winterfell.The likenesses of these high lords are carved into the stone, some shaggy, some clean shaven Large stone direwolves curl at their feet. According to tradition, iron longswords across each lord’s lap keep vengeful spirits within the crypt.

The cavernous vault is larger than Winterfell itself, with older Starks buried in deeper and darker levels. The lowest level is said to be partly collapsedThe most recent tombs within the crypts are those of Lord Rickard Stark and his children, Brandon and Lyanna. The tombs further back, empty and unsealed, are saved for future members of House Stark.

Breaking the tradition of only lords having statues, Lord Eddard Stark, Rickard’s successor, had statues made of his deceased siblings, Brandon and Lyanna, after Robert’s Rebellion. There is also a statue for Artos the Implacable, the younger brother of Lord Willam Stark.


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