JUST IN: ‘Idiot’ swimmers in the water at Porthleven

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‘Idiot’ swimmers in the water at Porthleven

Swimmers in Porthleven have been condemned for going in the water this afternoon. Picture Mat Clay/Facebook

Swimmers in Porthleven have been condemned for going in the water. Picture Mat Clay/Facebook

‘IDIOT’ swimmers have been condemned for entering the rough seas at Porthleven without wetsuits when storm warnings are in force.

The two people were photographed by Porthleven resident Mat Clay clinging to the harbour wall and entering the rough water.

Their actions were immediately condemned on Facebook with many people taking the pair to task for taking such dangerous risks.

“What a pair of stupids’, said Carla Evans. “Idiots,” said Mal Jones. “Unnecessary strain on already stretched services,” said Daniel Gough.

Meanwhile Dawen Bannister said: “Dangerous as hell, can someone not advise them it’s not the best time to be doing this, that’s not out for a swim. That’s pure stupidity.”

“Absolutely nuts,” said Tony Pops Ralph.

The pair only wearing flimsy bathing gear were eventually seen to exit the water without getting difficulties.

In the past week at least two people have died after being swept into the water during stormy weather conditions.


Search for person washed into sea at St Agnes Cornwall called off

HM Coastguard Area 11 Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Coastal Safety who cover Porthleven, issued a warning saying: “Strong winds and heavy showers with very high tides are going to make sea conditions rough for a couple of days.

“There are many warnings around our coast from the Environment Agency and the Met Office this weekend for possible flooding so please take care if you are going to look at the waves.

“Stay safe and view from a sensible vantage point.

“Don’t put your children in any danger and think about those poor dogs that would prefer a comfy sofa not stinging salt in their eyes.

“The force of six inches of swiftly moving water can scat people off their feet.

“Keep Safe, Keep upright, keep back !

“If you see someone putting themselves or others at risk call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

“If you see any Coastguard teams out conducting patrols, remember that they are experienced volunteers helping give safety advice to keep you and your families safe.”

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