“Laycon paid me 100 million to be in his video,” Video Director TG OMORI reveals

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The video of the long-awaited song “Hip Hop” is finally out, and a lot of people are already streaming them on YouTube, and currently, the song has over 70k views in 6 hours, the video was released around midnight today, intending to get 500k views or more within 24hrs.

People have been commending the video director for the job well-done, as the video was a high-quality video, and A-list artists standard.

TG Omori who is the video director has been talking about the video for weeks now, he started talking about the video the day they began the shooting and he promised that fans will surely love the video, as he will put in his best for the video.

Truly, the video was beyond the expectations as it wow a lot of people.

In the act of boasting for his quality job, TG Omori says Laycon paid him 100 million nairas, although we all know there’s a high chance that he’s just joking, the fact remains that the video looks like a million naira project.

He also engaged Laycon in one of the tweets, where Laycon was commending the director, and he told Laycon to bring the balance of his payment, has he claimed that Laycon paid him 50 million naira, and it remains 50 million naira.

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