Man accused of killing his father and placing his head on a plate in the freezer

Man accused of killing his father and placing his head on a plate in the freezer

August 13, 2021 0 By Essence Media

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested in the stabbing and dismemberment of his father.

Donald Lawrence Meshey Jr., 32, was arrested Wednesday, August 11, for the murder of his father, Donald Meshey Sr., 67, after a woman called cops seeking a welfare check on a relative.

The caller said Meshey told her there was a “cadaver” in one of the beds at the home along with a head stashed in a freezer, Lancaster police said in a statement.

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When cops arrived at the house where Meshey lives with his father, Meshey led cops to his father’s severed head that he kept on a dinner plate in a freezer, police said.

Cops said in a statement that Meshey Jr later told detectives he had “found what he described as a ‘cadaver doll’ in his father’s bedroom, which looked and sounded like his father”.

“Meshey admitted to stabbing the ‘cadaver doll’ for 2 to 3 minutes with a knife and then dismembered the body,” with an eight inch knife, the statement read.

According to Pennlive, Meshey Jr then used a 3-foot saw to dismember the body and placed the body parts in garbage bags and left them in the basement of the house and a car. The severed head was kept on a white dinner plate inside the freezer.

Authorities say Meshey Jr is facing charges including criminal homicide, abuse of a corpse, and tampering with evidence.

Pennlive reported Mr Meshey Jr had previous criminal convictions for harassment and criminal mischief, and had been ordered to undergo anger management sessions.