Mango Day: Origin, celebration, other things to know

Mango Day: Origin, celebration, other things to know

July 23, 2021 0 By Sammeyposh

Mango Day: Origin, celebration, other things to know


National Mango Day is a day set aside for the celebration of the mango fruit, usually marked annually on the 22nd of July.

In this piece, EL TV highlights the origin and other things you should know about the National Mango Day celebration.

Origin of Mango Day

The history of the National Mango Day is unknown, but it is believed that mangoes were first cultivated in South Asia, according to TimesNow News.

It was also said that in the 10th century AD, East Asia started to cultivate mangoes. However, the Indians claim to be the originators of the mango fruit.

The scientific name,‘Mangifera’ is from the sanskrit word ‘manjiri’ meaning flowers growing in small clusters and this supports the claim of the Indian roots of the fruit.

India and Mango Day

India tops the list of mango producing countries in the world, earning it the title, ‘Mango Capital of the World’.

In India, mango is referred to as the ‘king of fruits’ and is usually consumed during the summer.

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For this reason, the celebration is majorly celebrated in India than in other countries around the world.

Ways to celebrate Mango Day

Mango Day has no pre-defined way of celebration as it may differ from person to person and place to place.

Some ways to celebrate the day include buying varieties of mangoes for eating at home and promoting the business of a fruit vendor who sells mangoes.



Celebrating the day may also include making smoothies, cakes, juices, smoothies, and ice creams from the fruit.

Health benefits of mango

Asides its sweet and juicy features, mango has other nutritional benefits which include protection of eye health and reduction of cancer risks.



According to Medical News Today, mango leaves also help to tackle weight loss, reduce blood sugar level, and lower fat in the body.