Music Video: Simi Makes Adekunle Gold A “Sinner” Watch & Enjoy

Music Video: Simi Makes Adekunle Gold A “Sinner” Watch & Enjoy

July 23, 2021 0 By Sammeyposh
Music Video: Simi Makes Adekunle A “Sinner” Watch & Enjoy

Adekunle Gold and wife, Simi on the artwork of Sinner

Adekunle Gold just gave us the music video we didn’t know we wanted. The Afro-pop singer today released the music video to his latest song “Sinner” featuring New Orleans singer Lucky Daye.

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“Sinner” which sees Gold singing about his addiction to his love interest, Sheba (reads Simi) is accompanied by a deserving video with appearance from his wife, Simi.

In the sultry video, the couple are seen making out in different places such as the pool, on a car bonnet and even in the bathroom… which reminds us of that Tory Lanez line “I’m gonna put you in seven positions for seventy minutes,” well, this video only last for two minutes and fifty two seconds.

If you’re single while watching the music video, don’t worry, AG baby is your baby 😉

Watch “Sinner” below:

Adekunle Gold told Official Charts that the song was inspired by the Biblical story of King David and Bathsheba: “I thought about the intimacy between them. I know it’s weird, but I thought about how Bathsheba must have been so badass to entice King David so much that he was going to risk it all for her. I know it’s a story people talk about that shows the frailty of David, but I chose to see it as that she must have been so beautiful, so I thought write about it that way.

“While I was writing the song and the melodies I knew this was a banger. Sometimes I have a lot of things I want to talk about and I write them down and see what fits with the vibe I’m in, but in that moment the only thing that came to mind was that story. I thought, you’re the next one.”