Life is full of miseries and mysteries and the chances of being successful maybe through various abilities and ministries. But truth be told, there is no greater success in life than when one have successfully cross the hurdles. What a great comeback in the political realm just like Liverpool. Currently, what Liverpool is to Champions League is what Dino Melaye is to Nigerian Politics.

An embattled senator who is being criticised on the ground of love for the masses and humanity, his love for humanity has caused him so many, the elites are being petty by fortunately coming up with false facts to paint him badly.

According to him “i’m not afraid of the arrow that fly by day and the terror that operates in the night. In gathering they will gather but they will surely scatter because their gathering is not of God ” said Senator Dino Melaye

A one man battalion whose aim is to condemn the huge gap between the rich(elites) and the poor(non elites). He’s known to be a grassroot politician and going by his reelection, there is no doubt that the people of Kogi West had unanimously neglected all false rumors and propaganda because they believe their man is devoid of false hopes and fallacies.

Despite the myriad of critics and attacks coming from every angle, he is still calling on his fellow elites to proffer solutions to the problems of the masses because he foresee a revolution which was inevitable in Russia, France and recently Sudan and might actually be inescapable in Nigeria.

Although there are series of allegations levied against him which has made his political journey a tortuous, torturous and torrid path but he remained unfazed.

Critically, are these allegations true? If yes, is it not amazing that a large part of the populace(Kogi West) still fall in love with him? If no, why where these allegations made?

Perhaps, is he been attacked politically? Why are they trying to defame him? How did he win his reelection bid? How has he been able to survive the brutalities?

There are many more to this untold story of “the Mysterious Parliamentarian”.

Stay tuned

Written by: Aremu Adam Owolabi
® theuntoldstorywriters

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