What You Need To Know About Inconclusive Elections, Rerun In Nigeria

As the 2018 Osun gubernatorial election came to an end, hopes of many Nigerians in the different political parties were dashed as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declared the election as inconclusive.

Since the declaration by INEC, there have issues raised on why an election should be declared inconclusive, what steps is to be taken in such situation among many others.

While Nigeria’s elect0ral body has announced that there would be a supplementary election to reach a conclusion on the Osun gubernatorial, NAIJ.com has put a list of frequently asked questions on elections in Nigeria as made available by INEC.

Below are the questions:

1. What is an Election?

According to INEC, an election can be defined as a process where people vote for preferred candidates or political parties as representatives in government.

2. What do you mean by general elections?

General elections mean the elections held in the federation which may be at all levels, and at regular intervals to select officers to serve after the expiration of the full terms of their predecessors.

3. What is a bye-election?

A by-election is an election to replace a member of any of our legislative houses following a vacancy occasioned by death.

It may also occur when an incumbent becomes ineligible to continue in office; for example, because of a recall or as a result of a constituency election being invalidated due to voting irregularity.

4. What is run-off election?

A run-off is an election conducted when the first election fails to produce a clear winner for the position of president or governor. This can happen when the candidate with the highest votes does not have the required vote spread in the affected state/federation.

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5. What is re-run election?

A re-run election is an election conducted when the first one was marred by malpractices or when correct procedures were not followed.

6. What is an inconclusive election?

An inconclusive election is an election where the total number of registered voters in units where the results are canceled or where the elections are postponed, is sufficient to cause a change in the outcome of the election in the affected constituency.

Meanwhile, NAIJ.com previously reported that the opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had rejected the declaration made by the INEC on the Osun gubernatorial election on Saturday, September 22.

The party said it rejects in its entity the declaration made by the elect0ral body that the Osun election is inconclusive.

The party also urged INEC to declare Ademola Adeleke as the winner of the Osun governorship election.

According to PDP, Adeleke has satisfied all the requirements of the 1999 Constitution as amended.

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