Neymar unfollow cavani over penalty – PSG steps in

Neymar unfollow cavani over penalty – PSG steps in

Paris Saint-Germain have decided who will take penalties from now on

Arguing over who takes penalties. If grown men are seen doing it in Sunday League, it’s pretty embarrassing.

But when two professional footballers are seen doing it whilst playing for one of the top European clubs, it’s nothing short of ridiculous.

But that’s what happened on Sunday between Neymar and Edinson Cavani.

During Paris Saint-Germain’s 2-0 victory over Lyon on Sunday, the Brazilian pleaded with Cavani to let him take the penalty. Cavani refused but missed the subsequent penalty.

But things escalated after the full-time whistle apparently with reports suggesting the two strikers almost came to blows before being separated by Thiago Silva.

How pathetic.

It’s unknown how accurate those reports really are but one thing is for sure, Unai Emery has a problem on his hands.

How does he deal with his two star players squabbling over penalty duties?

Emery’s suggestion
The manager suggested that the two players come to a “gentleman’s agreement’ over who takes the spot-kicks.

“Penalties will be taken by a couple of players,” said Emery. “One is Edinson and the other is Neymar.

“There needs to be a gentlemen’s agreement on the pitch when it comes to taking spot kicks.

“Apart from that, we will have to arrange things internally for when we get penalties because I believe that both are capable of converting them and I want them to alternate with this exercise.”

The decision PSG have made
However, according to Marca, the Ligue 1 club have come to a final decision.

They’re reported that, despite his miss, Cavani will remain the club’s penalty taker in the future – no matter what Neymar thinks of it.

PSG were hoping that the two players could sort out the issue themselves but they have been forced to step in and put an end to all of this madness.

Quite what Neymar thinks of that decision remains to be seen. But we’re going to guess that the world’s most expensive footballer isn’t going to be too happy.

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