Shunning The Poor; A Curse – Prince Adedipe

Shunning The Poor; A Curse

– Prince Adedipe

Givers never lack is a profound adage which all pronounces but refused to participate in the act. The reason why our society remain thesame starting from our leaders who caged resources and crazy enough, some adopted burial ground as a safe why many AC(ed) rooms and keep monies of allsorts leaving the masses to suffer why?

A big question with a
small answer; MADNESS.
Likened my case in this article, though I am from a royal family but odyssey myself to learn the ways of life. Many suffered, In my growing up as a youth, many are leaving on less than N50 a day meaning 1-0-0. I have slept in the containers along the road, I have typically engaged in menial jobs, slept many atimes without a meal. The giving act is an inborn thing and could as well emulate by all.
A man gets back what he gives out, only multiplied, giving gives you a blank check to the necessities of life and if you want more, “you must use that which you have in such a way as to make yourself of greater service to those around you”, thus, the wider you open your channel or the greater service you give or the better values you offer, the more things are bound to flow through your channel, the more you are going to profit thereby.

Please bear in mind as you read this piece that man can only strive towards excellence and not perfection, now the current economic woes of the country has made it impossible for some of us willing to give, incapable of giving. There are however those who just don’t give, be it for religious, superstitious or personal reasons. It is my believe that someone would have a change in heart for the better.
Giving, in this context should not be mistaken for cash only, i hear someone say but ‘money is everything’, yes! money gets you everything, giving however, is not limited to money. Doing what you are meant to do with all due diligence would give you the money you deserve, for instance, giving your boss the satisfaction he desires through service, would make him pay your allowances {though there are a few bosses who wouldn’t still pay irrespective}. I use the word diligent because most of us are not ready to do what is required of us and yet we want reward. Do you know that you can give your friends encouragement by the attitude you express when you guys/gals relate with each other, likewise, you can give your parents Joy by becoming something close to the dream they have for you. The only right is to use all the forces of good and the only wrong is to neglect or abuse it.
As clearly enumerated above, giving is not restricted to money alone, why then should we give?

Hear This:

If you want to make more money, instead of seeking it for yourself, see how you can make more for others. In the process you will inevitably make more for yourself, too. We get as we give- but we must give first…. Robert Collier.

If i give to anybody service of a kind that he wants, i shall get back the benefit for myself. If i give more service, i shall get more benefit. If i give a great deal more, i shall get a great deal more….. Gardner Hunting

There are two kinds of people on earth today’ Just two kinds of people, no more, i say. Not the rich and the poor, for to count a man’s wealth You must first know the state of his conscience and health. No, the two kinds people on earth i mean Are the people who LIFT and the people who LEAN! Where ever you go, you will find the world’s masses
Are ever divided in just these two classes …. Ella Wheeler wilcox

So choose which you want to become, give it a try this week & see, it could just be a smile that you decide to give {let it be a real smile sha!} and you would be surprised the benefits that shall accrue unto you. Remember, Is Shunning the poor a curse or blessing?

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