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3 Reasons You Should Write A Book.



3 Reasons You Should Write A Book.

  1. A Book Can Help You Spread A Message Or Passion.

Whether you are a blogger, teacher, consultant, fashion designer or any other profession for that matter, your work is wrapped up in a MESSAGE.

That message is the vehicle for bringing about the transformation your business represents and books are the best way to leverage modern technology and spread that message.

PerfectionBiz Tech.

   So the first thing I recommend people do is define that message their business is all about. Then turn the message into a QUALITY book that they can spread abroad to build their influence in the market place.

For example, about 7 years ago, I got involved in a business that failed and left me N36m in debt. My life and that of my family changed drastically for it and the future looked bleak.  I went from being one of the “big boys” in my city to someone who hide about because everywhere I turned creditors were looking for me. It got so bad that on 3 occasions, I was arrested by law enforcement agents right in the middle of church service! Fast forward to 3 years down the line, I was earning a medical doctors monthly fee for speaking for less than 90 minutes!


 In the process of my ordeal, I discovered that the money I needed to change my fortune wasn’t going to come from anywhere else or anyone else but from within me. I learnt that I had gifts, skills, passion, knowledge and experience that I could bring to the market place and get paid for them.

I turned those into businesses and the rest they say is history!  With the results I got, I became passionate about sharing the message that money is in ALL of us, some just NEVER find out how to discover it.

The Positive Effect of Passion is Progress

I took that message and started sharing it on stages, webinars, newsletters and finally wrote a book about it titled “The Diamond in Your Closet: How To Turn Your Gifts, Passion And Knowledge Into A Source Of Income In 60 days”.  That book helped me spread this message that I was so passionate about and till date, (almost 2 years after its launch), I haven’t recovered from the impact and business that book has brought into my life

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2 . A Book Can Help You Start And Grow A Business.

In building ANY BUSINESS, there are 4 stages of growth you should be working on,

They are:

  1. A) Visibility
  2. B) Lead Generation
  3. C) Customer acquisition
  4. D) Profit Maximization

A properly written book can be positioned to present you as an expert on your subject while opening you up for generating more businesses from your book sales. By the way, authors who depend ONLY on selling their books to generate income from their books are leaving too much money on the table!

I once gave out 1000 copies of The Diamond In Your Closet FOR FREE and earned an average of $25 per copy from the same group I gave the book to for FREE. This is called positioning!

  1. A book can give you passive income.

Just yesterday, I received 3 emails from Amazon confirming that my royalties have been sent into my bank account! Noteworthy however is the fact that I haven’t launched ANY book in 6 months but every month, I keep receiving these checks after checks from the work I did in the past.  That’s what they say about making money while you sleep! By the way, each of those checks was over N100,000.

Whether you want to:

1) Spread a message you are passionate about

2) Start and grow your business

3) Create a source of PASSIVE income for yourself,

Writing a book is THE BEST way to go


 Common Reasons People Fail To Write And Publish Their Books.

  1. Imposter Syndrome

This is that feeling that you are not an expert on a subject and nobody will listen to you or read your book. We all have that somewhere at the back of our mind and I get you but here’s the real deal… You Don’t Have To Be An Expert To Teach Somebody, You Just have To Be 2 Steps Ahead Of Them.  As long as you have some advice that can help people get a certain result, you are *expert enough*. Particularly, if you have an experience in that area, you are super doppa qualified to teach it!

  1. I am NOT a good writer
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This is a situation where people say they are scared of writing because they think they are not good or fluent enough in English language.  Nobody picks up a book to read because they want to see how grounded the author is in English.  They want to solve a problem and not mark English scripts so if you can help solve one problem or pain point, you can write a book even if you FAILED English in school.

Just write the best you can and give a PROFESSIONAL EDITOR or clean up the mess.  By the way, what build credibility in the publishing world is how well your book sells not how well you write in English.



7 Step formula for writing transformational books FAST

STEP 1:  Find Your Message

Great books are books that have a great message or idea. Miss this element and everything else comes crashing!

I show you 5 different ways to find your message inside the *Write And Publish Your Book In 30 Days* course.

STEP 2: Define Your Audience

The second reason most authors dont hit rock bottom with their books is that they didn’t decide ahead of time ‘who they were writing for’.  Don’t make the mistake of writing for EVERYBODY. A Book written for everybody is written for NOBODY.

STEP 3: Prepare For Writing Success

Writing a book can be as easy as a walk in a park if you take this stage seriously.  This is where you take the time to outline your book, craft a SELLING book intro and choose a bestselling book title.  Here is where most authors loose out on what could have been a potential winning book. Your book intro is a kind of sales page in its self and if you waste it, you waste sales.

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STEP 4: Effective Writing Methods

More than 80% of those who set out to write books NEVER finish because lets face it, it can be a daunting task to complete a book if you don’t have a system to follow.

STEP 5: Prepare For Publishing

By the time you have your manuscript ready, the next thing you need to do is to make sure you polish it and make sure it is up to standard. This is 2018 and there are millions of books out there in the market. The last thing you want to do is to present the market with a poorly written or poorly edited/formatted book. Do not edit your book by yourself even if you are on a budget! Nothing hurts your brand like a poorly edited book.

STEP 6: Marketing And Promotion

One grave mistake I see authors making after doing the hard work of writing their books is NOT marketing/promoting their books. Worse off is the fact that many do a shabby kind of promotion and blame their village people for a poor launch!  Get this … It doesn’t matter how great your book is, if you don’t market it well enough, it will fail!.

STEP 7: Launch And Beyond

Statistically, most books don’t sell more than 200 copies in their entire lifetime and that is largely because the authors launched and went to bed!

Lecture delivered by Charles Emmanuel on the 29th of July at RPD Academy


Charles Emmanuel is a 5-time #1 bestselling author and the founder of the Writers and Speakers Mastermind where he help authors, speakers and coaches build profitable businesses with their gifts, skills and passion.


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